My first project of dressmaking: halter top with back buttons!

My very first project of dressmaking is completed! As I wrote it in my previous post, I sewed
(and designed) it for the Ultimate Buttonlovers Sweepstakes on Burdastyle.com sponsored by Buttonlovers.com.

I really wanted to make a halter-neck top with buttons on the back, but I couldn't find any pattern of my taste. Because of the close deadline I didn't want to spend too much time on looking for a pattern and wanted to start sewing as soon as possible. 
So I used one of my T-shirts fitting me for making a pattern. I concentrated on the neckline and armholes first and left everything bigger for sewing it together and altering it later for my body shape. And after several trials&errors, I finished sewing my first shirt!
I had worried that without a pattern I wouldn't be able to make it fit perfectly, so I decided to use a stretchy fabric in order to hide my fitting mistakes.
Because this contest is about buttons, I really wanted to have the focus on them, so I used a plain black fabric and bright orange buttons!

 I originally wanted to use the buttons both for decoration and closure, so I have the buttonholes too, but in the end I decided to sew it up to avoid opening (and because it's stretchy, the closure function is not needed anyways)

The front might be a bit plain compared to the back, but further decoration would have been too much for me. So it has one button on the neck and a bias tape of matching colour for the neckline. 

This top was a great challenge for a first project, but I'm quite satisfied with the result!

If you like it, I would appreciate if you voted on me between September 1-7 on Burdastyle.com! And if you have a project with lovely buttons, don't forget to sign up too!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Win Buttons at Burdastyle.com!

Have you seen the Ultimate Buttonlovers Sweepstakes on Burdastyle.com?

If you have a project featuring buttons, you can win a huge prize of lovely buttons and other sewing goodies too!

I’ve got so fired up by the chance of winning such an amazing prize, that I’ve started working on my very first project of dressmaking with buttons on the spotlight! I was worried that I wouldn’t finish making it by the deadline of submission so I did my best and have only a little bit left to finish it.
But until I can show it to you, I made some small pincushions expressing my current button-craze! 
(Well, I wonder if you can tell that they are featuring buttons and not just some random circles having holes/buttons on them?)

There is still more than a week till the deadline, so if you have a project featuring buttons, don’t forget to submit it!!!

I also highly recommend to check out Buttonlovers.com, as they have so many gorgeous buttons that you would have a great dilemma deciding which one to order! I really like the cut-outs or the damask buttons and the flowers are just too cute! My favourite might be the Green Metallic Leaf! I love green and this leaf has the perfect harmony of green colours with a very detailed shape.

Which buttons do you like?


Blog and profile picture

I made a picture for the blog!

I'm very bad at drawing but I really wanted to use a picture for my blog. I couldn't really find anything worth to use and when I was about to give up using any kind of picture, I found a nice step-by-step tutorial for how to make a cartoon shrimp! 

You can find a lot of other tutorials on this site too, so if you are interested in drawing, it's really worth to check it out!

Thank you Jeff!


Gathered Clutch

I made my 3rd project today and it was this Gathered Clutch!

Anna has a very nice easy-to-follow tutorial for it, so even beginners (like me) can make it! (You can find it here)

I know... I should practise more, but I'm very happy that I could make it! Thank you Anna for the great tutorial!

I wish I could make some clothes too, but I'm lack of space and tools, so I think I would restrict to smaller things for the next few months. I also have a thesis to write........

My first projects!

My very first project was this Felicity Fabric Flower.
I needed something easy to make because I didn't have a sewing machine yet (and of course because it was the very first project).

It is very nice and really easy to make. Carina shared the free pdf pattern for it here.

I couldn't find any nice buttons for the middle part, so I just used a circle shaped fabric and made some (...actually a lot of) stitches from the middle to the edge.
My second project was this bird Muffin. You can find its sewing parren on Etsy.

Not perfect, but I think it's still cute. I made the eyes the same way as the middle of the flower and the beak is from ribbon having a heart shape. (okay... the heart shape wasn't on purpose. It's very difficult to shape ribbon)

My very first post!

Hello Everyone!

I'm Evelin from Hungary. I've just started sewing a few weeks ago and got absorbed in the sewing world.
I wanted to manage my projects and track my progress, and I was also influenced by the wonderful blog writers of the sewing community, so I decided to start writing my very first blog too.

I'm not a very social person, which of course doesn't mean that I hate people, but if there are more than 3 of us in a group, I'm sure you wouldn't hear my voice. Facebook is also limited for me for birthday comments and private messages. So writing a blog is a great challenge for me, but I want to do it! I need it for organizing my projects and I'd be happy to be a part of the sewing community.

The idea of starting sewing came from the fact that I'm very tall. I wanted to buy a dress, but whichever I liked was too short for my height and I thought 'If I want to wear a dress I like and it also fits me, I have to make it for myself!' So the idea popped in and sewing became the biggest passion I've ever had.

Because I'm a very beginner at sewing, I appreciate any kind of help or suggestion if you see that I'm doing something wrong. I'd also be happy if you correct my weird English mistakes!

Thanks for reading and let me know about your blog or the project you are working on!